I think I can finally say that things are coming together in my life. By all means I still don’t have all the answers to everything but I am definitely not the same person I was when I started my journey. I have a lot to be grateful for at this stage and could not be happier. It is fascinating what positive reinforcement from both friends and family can do for your own personal growth. As a result of such a strong foundation, I have learned a lot within the last year. I’ve learned that sometimes you need to sacrifice the feelings of others temporarily if it makes a positive impact on your well being. I’ve learned that some of the most complicated and daunting things in life involve taking risks; but without risks life is left without excitement and surprise. I’ve learned how important it is to be fearless, even if you have to force yourself for a while (you’ll eventually get there) you can truly accomplish any thing your heart desires to. With fearlessness comes a whole new world of opportunity! Last but definitely not least, I’ve recently discovered the difference between loving someone and falling absolutely head over heels in love with someone.

If you ask me life is pretty good right now. All I had to do was take control of it. However, I also know that God is ultimately in control, and for that I am forever blessed.


Xo Chaylavie

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  1. Leigh Donovan, HHC says:

    What a positive post! Great to read about the results from grabbing your reigns and ‘bitch-slapping’ (*my words*) 😉 your life… showing it who is boss… asserting yourself thru FeArS… and being willing to put yourself first even if its gonna lose you some points with some of your fave people (god is people pleasing ever a soul crusher not to mention time sucker). I can relate to these things myself… and appreciate your post which reminds me to keep going and not look around to assess at the moment. The process, ever happening, continues to unfold. ×××


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