A Wandering Lust

I had mentioned in a previous post that I had some exciting news that I wanted to share when the time was right. Well, the right time is now. So without further adieu, here it goes.

I have booked myself a one-way flight to Thailand! For an entire year I will be living in a country that not only has a 12 hour time difference in comparison to my home Toronto, Canada, but a place that will challenge, excite, educate, and culture absolutely every fiber of my being. This is going to be an adventure that is different from anything I have ever experienced in my life before. Aside from the shock that I am literally going to pick up and move to a continent that is on the other side of the world, I cannot wait! Through the help of an amazing non-profit organization called Greenheart Travel, I have been given the amazing opportunity to teach English as a second language to youth who live there.

Tourism is an important part of Thailand’s economy. Therefore, it is beneficial for Thai people to learn English as it will lead them to a better and much more successful life. As Greenheart Travel puts it “learning English in these countries is a ticket to a better life.” As a teacher in Thailand, I will be doing just that- giving them the tools they need they need to succeed.

“Directly affecting your students and their futures, helping to break the cycle of poverty that many Thai children are born into.”- Greenheart Travel

This is honestly a dream come true and I cannot wait for you to follow me throughout my journey!

JULY 23RD! ❤

xo Chaylavie