Exploration Equates to Limitlessness


I actually cannot stop. I am sure I have a sickness. No, I am positive. I do not think I will ever be a person who is satisfied with mediocre travel. I will choose one place to visit and the end result is me wanting to visit one hundred and one more. The sad truth is that I have to accept that I cannot possibly visit and see everything. But hey! A girl can try ;).


Khao Tom Mud

By definition I don’t think I would necessarily call myself a foodie. However, when the opportunity arises I won’t usually hesitate to try something new at least once. Well, the opportunity came a knockin’ with these badboys and I’m sure glad it did! Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to my new favourite and first Thai dessert, Khao Tom Mud (which basically means banana leaf sticky rice). I seriously cannot get enough of them. My Thai friend told me that they are considered more of an Isan dessert (northeastern Thailand).

The taste reminds me exactly of porridge with lots of brown sugar (love, love, LOVE them!). They are made from sticky rice, coconut milk, sugar, sweet black beans, all wrapped up together in a banana leaf wrapper! If you’re out and about in Thailand and looking for a new treat definitely give these a try! 🙂



Peace in Banphai

In the madness of our world there will always be those who judge, stereotype and make ignorant assumptions. However, in that very same world there will always be those who want nothing but love, empathy for others and solidarity. The latter is my kind of world.


Christmas in the land of smiles

Christmas is just around the corner and I cannot believe that this will be my first time being away from home during the holidays. I am definitely sad that I will not be with my friends and family this year but I must say that I did luck out! The school that I work at is Catholic, as a result they haven’t hesitated to get into the Christmas spirit. Within the last week decorations have sprung up all over, Christmas music has been playing and us teachers have been getting our students ready to perform in the annual Christmas concert held at the school (cannot wait to post pictures from that). Although I am literally thousands of kilometers away from home I suddenly don’t feel so far.

Merry and beautiful Christmas everyone ❤


Loy Krathong 2015 Late Post

With the new school term I have been quite busy, which many of you could imagine. As a result, I never did get around to posting my pictures of the Loy Krathong festival that I had the honour of celebrating in my wonderful Thai town, Banphai. It was an absolutely incredible experience to say the least. What made this experience extra special was the people that I was surrounded by. I was taken to the festival by my lovely Thai friend Nok (who feels almost like an aunt to me now) and my new co-worker/Chinese teacher, Joanna. Nok made sure Joanna and I had the chance to participate in the activities that make Loy Krathong so magical. I bought 2 gorgeous enormous paper lanterns for 40 baht each (about $1.50 Canadian) and was then shown the neat process of how to get them to float! At the bottom of the lantern there is an opening with a round coal looking thing that is attached by wire. That is the object that you have to light! When lit, you must hold the lantern as close to the ground as you can in order to allow the flame to heat the air that is inside the lantern. As a result, the lantern rises beautifully into the air. It really was a fantastic sight to see. After, Nok brought us to buy Krathongs from her cousin who was hand making them at the festival! We each bought one for the small price of 35 baht (roughly $1.30 Canadian), brought them to the pond, lit the candle on them, made a wish with the hundreds of others there and set our Krathongs to float away.

Anyways, without further ado here are my pictures from that gorgeous evening.