Exploration Equates to Limitlessness

I actually cannot stop. I am sure I have a sickness. No, I am positive. I do not think I will ever be a person who is satisfied with mediocre travel. I will choose one place to visit and the end result is me wanting to visit one hundred and one more. The sad truth is that I have to accept that I cannot possibly visit and see everything. But hey! A girl can try ;).


Author: chaylavie

20 something year old just lustfully wandering around this world.

6 thoughts on “Exploration Equates to Limitlessness”

    1. hahaha! Well unfortunately in my situation there are a ton of cockroaches. I live in an apartment on the ground level so cockroaches easily get into my place. It has been a long scary battle but I’ve dealt with it. It’s winter right now and I haven’t seen one in my apartment for a while, thank God! Other than that haven’t had an issue with bugs. So happy to hear that you’re going to make the big move! Keep me posted. πŸ™‚


      1. ok i absolutely hate bugs, especially spiders.. so i had to check! yes its been on my mind so much that i need to look into this and get this going.. may not be until later this year but i will know soon. when you cant get something off your mind, you kind of have to go for it!


      2. haha yes so far so good!!! Definitely try to avoid a ground floor apartment close to a busy road! If I was staying another semester I would have most likely moved.


      3. i’m surprised you’re not! haha get hte bf out there to work too! i hear its hard to leave after one semester. How are you finding teaching now?


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