I received an email from a reader last night who was fascinated by my Wanderlust article. They were wondering specifically where I have traveled and wanted advice as to how I combine travel and work. Since I have been asked this question multiple times I have decided to post it on my blog.

Over the last 6 years I have traveled to various resorts (specifically in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba), been throughout many cool places in the United States such as Tennessee, New York City, Jersey Shore, and Pennsylvania and to Europe twice.I took a field studies course in University that allowed me to visit Europe for the first time. We visited Munich-Germany, Bolzano-Italy, Verona-Italy, Vienna-Austria, Innsbruck-Austria and Salzburg-Austria. After visiting Europe for the first time I literally fell in love, so I promised myself that I would go back as soon as I graduated. After I graduated from university last year I traveled for my second time to Europe in May. Since I had traveled to northern Italy before I decided to travel throughout the south. I visited Rome- Italy, The Almalfi Coast, Sorrento-Italy, Capri-Italy, Ravello-Italy, and Positano-Italy. During my second week in Europe I visited Croatia (which is truly one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to). I visited Split- Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Parks- Croatia (if you have never heard of this, please Google it. It was one of the most BEAUTIFUL excursions I have ever been on) and the Island of Hvar- Croatia.
I have not been to even half of the places I dream of visiting but I think I am off to a good start! I studied Geography in university so as you can tell I am super fascinated with our world lol (traveling for me is a no brainer), As for combining travel and work it has not been the easiest. My current job only allows me two weeks off a year and it is preferred if the two weeks are not taken consecutively. This has frustrated me but I have made the best of it. People say that you need more than two weeks to visit Europe and they are not wrong since there is so much to see. However, I am proof that it is possible to see a lot in a limited time. The only downside is that it can be extremely tiring (you’ll need a vacation from your vacation when you come back home).
I have always had a desire to move to another country. Throughout university I made plans to move abroad and teach English for a year once I graduated. Lucky for me that is exactly what I am going to do. As mentioned in previous posts, this July I am moving to Thailand and I am going to be teaching and traveling throughout Asia for a little over a year. If you are wondering, yes I am permanently leaving my current job to do this. My current job is very reliable, has benefits, has a high possibility to grow and wonderful employees that are like one huge family. However my heart longs to see as much of this would as possible and with my current job that is just not possible.
I know that travel is expensive and can be extremely complicated with a career. However, I do believe that if you want it enough, you will find a way to travel. I believe this because I have made it happen. I guess you just have to be willing to go with the flow and be okay with sacrificing a few comforts in life if needed.



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