When It Is Important To Be Selfish

No one wants to be considered selfish. In fact, there is such a stigma about the act of selfishness that many never consider the idea that in someways it can actually be beneficial to one. However, when you are a young adult in this big scary world you will find there are times when being a little self-concerned are absolutely necessary. You just need to stand up tall, be brave and go for what YOU want. The catch here is you only get ONE chance at life (and being that hot, young person you are) so ensure that you are doing what is beneficial to your well-being. Do not wait, do it now!

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A Young Adults Guide of Things to Appreciate and Things to Stop Expecting

Every so often we encounter life experiences that may or may not impact our lives. Whether or not those experiences are deemed as important is solely determined by our own emotional connection to it.  However, sometimes we tend to overlook moments we consider “less” than  extravagant and fail to recognize just how important they actually are. Of course, it is easy to get side-tracked (especially in this fast-paced world) and forget about the little things that matter most. But it is of the utmost importance that one learns to appreciate those experiences even if they are expected/ordinary, minuscule or sometimes unpleasant.

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20 Things Your 20s Are Too Damn Short For

This post by Brianna Wiest is awesome! If any of my readers are in your 20’s please read! No.20 really hits home for me and could not have been said any better.

Thought Catalog

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.22.52 PMKevin Morris

1. Letting anybody convince you that because you’re young, you’re incapable.

Plato began his career in politics before he was 20, (and has stated that he faced ridicule in his coming-of-age for that reason.) Some of the greatest cultural tycoons of this century were in their 20s when their first huge contributions were made: Jobs, Zuckerberg, etc. Imagine where we’d be if they listened to the people who said, what do you know? 

2. Arguing with people whose intentions are not to understand you, only to prove themselves right.

You do not owe it to anybody to carry on a conversation that is only serving the ego, but you do owe it to yourself to step out of the inevitable frustration and self-doubt of interacting with people who don’t listen to understand, but to respond; who don’t speak to be heard, but to defend.

3. Wasting your energy placating the habits of people who don’t take the initiative to actually get…

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