When It Is Important To Be Selfish

No one wants to be considered selfish. In fact, there is such a stigma about the act of selfishness that many never consider the idea that in someways it can actually be beneficial to one. However, when you are a young adult in this big scary world you will find there are times when being a little self-concerned are absolutely necessary. You just need to stand up tall, be brave and go for what YOU want. The catch here is you only get ONE chance at life (and being that hot, young person you are) so ensure that you are doing what is beneficial to your well-being. Do not wait, do it now!

Hmmm let’s brainstorm here:

  • If you are single go on dates! Heck, go on multiple dates…Weekly! Why? Because dating is a blast if done properly. Give yourself a chance to meet new people and escape from your comfort zone.
  • Take chances professionally. If something seems scary dive into it anyway. You will never know what you can accomplish if you only stick with something because it seems “safe”. Plus, being a little risky at a young age is generally easier since many of you will lack the intense responsibilities an older individual may have (family, house, never ending bills, yeah you get the point).
  • Take time to eat what you want. Yes we all get caught up in “societies” view on body image from time to time. But remember to treat yourself… Better yet treat yourself BIG. Have fun with food. Just in moderation of course.
  • Learn when to say no. If you are anything like me then this one is a challenge for you! I am a people-pleaser so I am terrible at this. However, learn when it is appropriate to simply say no. Sometimes you just have to be firm and state you mean business!

When do YOU think it is okay to be selfish?

Ciao xo,