A Young Adults Guide of Things to Appreciate and Things to Stop Expecting

Every so often we encounter life experiences that may or may not impact our lives. Whether or not those experiences are deemed as important is solely determined by our own emotional connection to it.  However, sometimes we tend to overlook moments we consider “less” than  extravagant and fail to recognize just how important they actually are. Of course, it is easy to get side-tracked (especially in this fast-paced world) and forget about the little things that matter most. But it is of the utmost importance that one learns to appreciate those experiences even if they are expected/ordinary, minuscule or sometimes unpleasant.

Here is a A Young Adults Guide of Things to Appreciate and Things to Stop Expecting:

1. The little things that make you smile. Open your eyes, quit staring at your phone, laptop or any other electronic device, look around for once and you will probably notice there are many things that will bring a genuine smile to your face.

2.Personal Hardships. Instead of allowing negative experiences to consume your mind, affect your mood/behaviour and potentially your well-being, try to accept them as a learning experience. Although this is easier said than done, realize that these hardships are the main building blocks of ones character. I truly believe if one lacks hardships they simply cannot have true compassion for their counterparts.The important thing here is that you gain a sense of self-discovery when your emotional threshold is put to the test. I also truly believe that in turn you learn one of life’s most valuable lessons; many good things in life are the result of perseverance, motivation and faith. Lastly, nothing will compare to the feeling of satisfaction when you realize that YOU were able to overcome those obstacles. Also remember, no matter how fancy one portrays their life (especially through outlets such as social media like Instagram and Facebook) not ONE person lives a perfect life. Instead, some are just better at pretending than others.

3. Those who actually make an effort to stay in contact with you. Trust me when I say this one counts! Since I seem to have a personal vendetta against my phone, there are times I would rather throw the silly contraption off of a twenty-story building than to respond to a text message or even answer a call. However, I must admit that I do have a great group of friends who, no matter how many times I chose to ignore my silly mobile device, still make an effort to stay in contact with me. Good friends who tolerate this nonsense are hard to come by. So although you might feel annoyed by their constant calls, instant messaging and never ending texts, appreciate the fact that they even do it at all. The day they stop trying is the day you will discover that you have personally excluded yourself from your own group.

4. The potential that your body has! Yes, just like everything else in this world, if you give 100% of your commitment towards a goal you will achieve it. However, as a young adult be aware that your fitness goals will be achieved much easier now than when you you start to climb that intimidating hill of age. The main point here is to appreciate that youthful bod you strut! Sure, eat what you want (enjoy that greasy,salty/sweet snack or meal every now and again), but keep everything in moderation and start to adapt those good eating and exercise habits now. In turn, you will feel great! Good habits now will pave the way for good habits later.

5. Older and wise people. Have you ever taken a moment to listen to your grandparents life story or any older person for that matter? If not, I suggest you do so. At one time these individuals had a young life just like yours and they too have a tale to tell. Give them some of your precious time and you will be surprised at what they have experienced over the years.

6. Time alone. This one is my favourites because it took me some time to enjoy spending time by myself. We put so much effort into getting to know others but rarely ever try to get to know ourselves. Being able to appreciate your time alone is the best sure-fire way to achieve ultimate independence. Take advantage of this time to unwind and clear your head. You will be impressed with how therapeutic these moments can be if you allow yourself to put everything else in life on pause momentarily.

Ciao xo,