Life’s whimsical list of to-do’s

Today’s post will be simple, to the point and encouraging.

Be yourself. Change for no one but yourself. Smile often. Laugh until it hurts. Not only love but love strong. Be passionate. Refrain from being ordinary. Become your own best friend. Enjoy your own company. Travel often. Be compassionate. Be playful. Be silly. Learn to let go. Escape from your comfort zone. Be daring. Be imaginative. Be bold. Never stop learning. When the map tells you to go left go right! Be accepting. Learn patience. Always have faith. Find good even in the bad. Read books often. Befriend the friendless. Believe in yourself. Realize just how special YOU are. Trust yourself. Make mistakes and learn from them. Be someones rock. Be forever young at heart & when life gives you lemons make a yummy lemon meringue pie!

Ciao xo,


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