Broken Walls


How do you know when something is right?

You feel it. It is a feeling that consumes you fully and you just know, without a reasonable doubt, that there is absolutely nothing that could change your mind to believe otherwise. You are able to put 100% of your trust into that feeling and although you are well aware that there are many “unknowns” that will cross your path, you are positive that this feeling is pure and as real as it gets. When you experience that type of “ah ha” moment you will never want to revert back to what you knew before. I truly believe that these type of moments are extremely rare but I also believe that is because we tend to shy away from them out of fear of disappointment. Whatever the reason may be, in my eyes, such a rarity is beautiful. Sometimes you just have to let your walls down, become a little bit vulnerable and make sure to appreciate every second of it. There are not many things that I have been sure of before but I know I am of this. Something has never felt more right.

xo Chaylavie